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  • My name is John Mitchell. I enjoy making games, and construct so far is my fav engine. I have tried udk, and unity, and game maker, and rpg maker, and many others that i dont even remember anymore. i see myself as a designer i can find new ideas for any game, i lack art skills(and grammer skills that to me dont matter even tho i know them).I started making games in qbasic, back in dos. currently im looking for some ppl to talk to regarding games in constuct, i would be willing to give my ideas on any current projects. i will never steal your code, as many would, i only want to help and be helped. i will share all my cap.x's with you that i currently have, since none of them are real money makers, however many of them are not published. my main problem with game making is art, i have zero skill in art and i will never have, since i care not. i would like to give free advice on all games made in c2, and i would also liek to talk game ideas on skype. anyone like me i emplore you to add me and spam away


    all of my advice is free unless otherwise specified

  • Well ok! I wanna ask you what's your opinion in my my latest in-development game Title screen design?

  • Naji looks pretty good, is it animated at all? could make the drumsticks tilt back and forth just so its not a still image, or maybe just the top 2

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  • trultz no it's still and those drumstick are trees , made of chicken legs!

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