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  • Hey everyone, so i am creating a small "company". I have an Artist, Music Designer and a Sound Designer. Here is what i need:

    •Idea Person: someone who has really good ideas for games and names

    •Construct 2 Helper: I do have experience in C2 but if i get stuck i need someone that knows C2 to help me

    •Thumbnail Artist

    I am going to need as many idea people as i can get. Same with C2 helpers and 1-3 Thumbnail Artist's

    I will put your name in the Credits in my game and on my website i am creating for my upcoming game. I can't afford to pay all of you but it would be really nice to have people on my team. If you are interested please leave a comment down below and tell me what you can do, and, if possible, show me some of your work. Also please give me your Skype name. If you do not have a Skype account please create one because we will all be talking on Skype. Thanks everyone any help will be greatly appreciated!

  • Anyone? I would really appreciate any help!

  • If you would like to help please join this skype group:

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  • Sorry, but I doubt people are interested in working for free. You didn't even offer revenue share.

  • I know, i gave up a long time ago, thinking that nobody will respond. But i have 8 people in my company now. They are actually really talented. I posted on Reddit and i got a lot of people. I now have:

    A music and sound composer

    An artist

    A thumbnail designer

    All really good at what they do

  • Hey, If you're still looking for a C2 guy, I'm interested, Add me on Skype (can't seem to join that group) ID is Stevenallot

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