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  • PSYBLOCKS is going to be hosted on IndieGoGo to build up funds for a mobile/web version. This version would have a much smaller and refined scope to the original big idea.

    Forgetting about Psyblocks for now, currently we are working on a new title called Griffin Knight.

    Open world platforming game, with RPG elements. (Stats/skills/magic etc)

    Teaser trailer here:

    Right now, what you see in the video is all we have done so far, baring some extra sword moves/etc.

    I'm looking to fill these roles:

    • Artist
    • Programmer/Eventer Currently have someone helping in this, but please email if you are interested, more the merrier
    • Composer

    At the minute no unfront payment is available, so payment is profit share/percentage from total funding payment to come through Kickstarter. ($10,000)

    The aim is to have enough of the game for a demo/video for Kickstarter within the next 5-6 weeks.

    (2 biome areas, 2 more enemy types, griffin in infant form animated and working within the game, open-world travel using griffin as a mount)

    Any questions, please ask away or message me.

    Emails to accepted also.


    I'm also looking for someone who has experience with Brashmonkey's Spriter.

    I have sprite myself and do an alright job, but I need to concentrate on the other art within the game.

    The way the project would use Spriter is for its export to .png feature, not exporting raw bone data.

    At the same time, if someone was good with Spriter, but didn't want to make the individual body bits, I'm fine doing that part as artist.

  • Perhaps a better idea for you would be to find someone to make games for, let them publish the game, and give you a portion off of said games?


    This thread subject has changed so now my original question wont make sense.

    Discmach's methods are somewhat questionable imo.

  • Updated with more information.

  • It would help if you expanded upon your point:

    "Discmach's methods are somewhat questionable imo."?


  • PMed and emailed you, Discmach!

  • Yep , The last kickstarter you made failed , so that questions a lot on the possibility of payment ...

  • Well not every Kickstarter is successful.

    And while some issues that cropped up were out of my control,

    I have experience now, to avoid making the same pitfalls again.

    That in itself is valuable and should increase the chances of future crowdfunding attempts.

    One of the bigger changes I have tried to do this time is focus more on the story/graphics than the game mechanics/functions.

    The public seem to want flashy looking games with typical narratives.

    So yes admittedly funding is something people should question, but I hope people can see that I'm not making the same mistakes again.

    (I'm also not convinced Whiteclaws that this was the only thing Newt was questioning, but it doesn't matter.)

  • No Discmach my original post was not about your kickstarter, but rather what your original post said about trying to get someone else make games and letting you make some sort of profit to share.

    I attempted to show you how bad an idea that is by asking if you would like the same done to you.

    It might have sounded better in your head, or you may have wanted to share in the work as well, who knows, but you changed the original post to something else, so to me at least it looked like you were trying to change the subject.

    Any way the subject has changed, so please count me out of the conversation.

  • is that a no, Discmach?

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  • kraed Pm-d

  • You still search ? If yes I would love to help you, open world in c2 is very interesting and would be new for me.

  • Darklinki PM-d

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