Hello everyone! I am looking for a pixel artist that would like to work together on a concept!

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  • Hey guys & gals!

    I'm mainly a programmer, but can also do art, sound and music (gotta do what you gotta do).

    Since I'm capable enough to draw items, gui and environments, I am less capable in drawing characters and monsters.

    So if anyone out there is interested on working with me on a fancy zombie apocalypse game, that would be cool! I actually made a platformer with environments that you can literally blow up, but I honestly forced myself into creating a platformer and would like to transform the platformer in a side-scroller zombie shoot 'em up with lots of customization and fanciness!

    I would also make it a multiplayer game.

    You can hit me up on Discord if interested or just reply here if you don't have it!


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