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  • I compiled my game for Android using cocoonjs, and then I signed the release package with a key created, according to the instructions on

    Now I don't have an Android phone, and so I don't know if this problem persists on devices. I have given the APK file to my friends who own Android devices, they haven't responded yet. So instead of bugging them, I went on to install the game on the emulator. I do have an Android development environment setup.

    I put the game in the same directory as adb.exe, then I ran the adb install command, in 2 ways:

    1)adb install <mygame>.apk

    2)adb install -s <mygame>.apk

    The 2nd one forcible tries to install the app onto the sdcard.

    Problem is, I'm getting this error after I execute the command:

    pkg: /data/local/tmp/<mygame>.apk


    For the 2nd command, the first line of the error is

    pkg: /sdcard/tmp/<mygame>.apk

    if that's any help.

    What can I do? I searched on StackOverflow, seems like doing this will solve it:


    Change the install location from




    in you AndroidManifest.xml.


    But I don't have access to the xml file! Atleast in readable form! When I extract the AndroidManifest.xml file from the signed release version of my app, and open it, I get to see mostly garbage I can't edit.

    Now cocoonjs directly compiles into APK. What can I do?

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