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  • Are you an aspiring video game designer?

    I a looking for game designers and aspiring game designers to interview for potential cast members in a documentary series.

    If you have the time to spare you can be interviewed in 2 ways.


    You can come in for an on camera interview in New York on Saturday, September 12th. Email me and I will contact you with an interview time and place

    2. SELF TAPE

    Video your own interview and email a link to info at supremerobot dot com. The easiest is with an unlisted youtube link. Please do this by no later than September 13, 2015.

    Please answer these questions:

    a. What is your name and age?

    b. What is your experience with video game design?

    c. What is one of your favorite games and why?

    d. What got you into game design?

    e. What is your philosophy about making games?

    f. How would your friends describe your personality and why?

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