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  • Hello,

    Serial Lab Studios focuses on the art of getting the right sound in the right place at the right time. Our clients consist of AAA to indie teams who develop for a variety of platforms such as console, mobile and web. We have created high quality original music and original sound effect recording/editing for over 70 game titles. We not only provide the audio assets but will work closely with your development team to ensure the audio is working in game and sounds as it should to create a polished final product.

    Demo site:

    seriallab (dot) com


    • Consult with your team to be sure we are covering all of your sound needs and once the sounds are created we will work with you to ensure the audio is implemented to fit the soundscape vision for the game.
    • Original interactive music in various styles to draw the player deeper into the game world you have created.
    • Original SFX custom recorded to fit your projects needs.

    Please contact us to discuss your current or future projects needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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