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  • Hi! I'm Chad Wolfe, creator of Kiira Games and Byte Sized Heroes! I would like to offer my services to the entirety of Scirra, as a free pixel artist. While any work I do is for free, all it would require credit, and the rights to share with other developers in the Kiira Pixel Art package on Aside from that, I will take requests to make ALL the pixel art for any games that people create, all you have to do is ask!

  • Hello Chad. My name is Kenny Albano, and I would be interested in working on making a game with you; if you are interested. My school email is I am currently finishing my third year in the field of computer science at The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. I have been working on and off making games by myself with game maker and construct 2 and my ti-84 calculator since I was in middle school. I have an interest in working to program and develop games professionally after I graduate.

  • Hi Chad, what a great offer. I'd be interested in a top-down tank design with a separate turret sprite if possible, please?

    Preferably white so I could set my own colours?

    Thanks <3

  • kalbano1, Sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been quite busy! I will email you shortly

    RetroSpock, Are you looking for an isometric kinda thing? I can make a 3D model and render it as pixel art, then share both with you.

  • Are you looking for an isometric kinda thing? I can make a 3D model and render it as pixel art, then share both with you.

    Sorry, should have specified. I'm wondering if you could do some top-down tank and turret. If at all possible, have it neon or maybe even futuristic? I'm going for Tron inspired.

    I'd imagine it'd only take about 15mins but I'm not artistic.

    Here's a sample of the walls I've made:

    A tank to suit would be great and I'd love you forever! <3

    *cough* a missile or something wouldn't go a miss too *cough*

    I'd gladly pay you for your service too if need be.

  • No need to pay me! Though, my only requirement is the ability to share it with under CC-BY 3.0 license. Anyways, I'll make quite a few variations and such, and bundle them together. Your game seems like it'd be pretty cool, btw!

    P.S. I could make a multiplayer service for your game that uses the original Multiplayer plugin, and resolves host disconnecting almost instantly.

    BSH saves game status in an array, and automatically sends that data to the peer with the lowest ping. When a host leaves, a new room is created by that peer and all the players connect to them. Because the game prioritizes lower pings to host, sending that array as JSON throughout doesn't slow the game down, and the game will almost always perform well online.

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  • I just want to apologize to all that have posted to this thread. I currently can not work on such projects anymore, due to time constraints. I now work every day of the work full time, so I barely have time to even finish my main project right now. I'll re-post on here later when the time comes that I can work on such things.

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