Where to find 2D art graphic artist?

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  • editableclips thanks for the link! Definitely some great material for intro videos for our games :)

    jchamplain - hypocrite much? :) You seem to have a pretty selective memory about jumping all over jogogratispro. Ah, so now I understand the root of the problem, you're quite sensitive about people disagreeing with you. The whole time I though we were having a fun discussion, and in fact you were quite hurt.

    In any case, I think we've hijacked this thread quite enough - if you feel the inclination to continue this chat, as I always love a vigorous debate, feel free to PM me directly, or alternatively start a new thread. If you do the latter, me so I can see your responses! :)

  • EyeHawk,

    This isn't meant as an insult, but are you new to the English language or using translation software? It seems you have a hard time understanding me. I've also noticed you use words incorrectly and your comments tend to be nonsensical. If that's the case, I think it's possible we have been misunderstanding one another. The software you are using probably isn't very accurate and it could make what you are saying come out all wrong.

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're really a nice guy and you don't mean to insult, throw around baseless accusations or make irrational assumptions about someone you hardly know.

    I'd like to extend the same invitation to you to PM me and discuss why you love job bidding sites so passionately. Maybe you can also better explain why you think artists enjoy underbidding one another and working hard for low wages. Since you're an expert on job bidding sites like freelancer.com, maybe I can learn something new from you that I don't already know from personal experience.

    Hi Guys, so can anyone share their experiences from hiring an artist from freelancer.com, indiegamer.org, etc?

    Also, Freelancer lists the rates and stuff, but I'm still not clear on how long it would take to draw stuff, and thus figure out very rough total costs. Can anyone give me an idea of money spent and the actual output?

  • jchamplain - lol, just pure lol! I'm bookmarking this thread - seriously dude you are pure comedy haha! Love when the personal insults start coming out - that's a sure sign that someone's lost an argument. Anyway dude thanks, I haven't laughed out loud so hard for quite some time :D

    Once again PM if you actually have a genuine debate, or if you prefer you can continue to try to dis me there - it will be equally amusing either way :)

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  • A couple more...



    You can also Google image search key words "game art portfolio" or "indie game art portfolio" and you'll find even more artists. If you see something you like, click the image and it will probably lead you to the artist.

    I'm out of resources, but I hope that helps! :)

  • @EyeHawk

    I was curious how you would reply, but I guess I over looked it. I agree that this conversion has gotten out of hand.

    Now let's be honest. You obviously didn't know anything about job bidding sites before you commented in it's defense. Your initial comment asking for advice proves it. The only valid thing you said in our discussion was that the American dollar is worth more than some other countries. And you abandoned that argument quickly. I'm guessing it's because I pointed out that there isn't any reason why they couldn't make more if they weren't being taken advantage of.

    You also made a vague comment about an "economics" wikipedia page, but you failed to elaborate on how economics supports your argument. I think that would have been interesting discussion, and your best shot, but it appears you don't know enough about that either.

    You did make an excellent point that morality is subjective, but you still avoid answering if it's right to take advantage of people or how that might be considered subjective. I even asked you directly on several occasions. You don't want to answer that question because no matter how you answer, it would weaken your argument.

    The fact is, you lost the argument a long time ago. You haven't said anything of significance in a while. All you are doing now is making personal insults and making false claims in order to anger me and put me on the defensive in hopes of diverting our discussion from a main issue. I admit you have been fairly successful with it. You are a very good troll. But that doesn't amount to much.

    If you really wanted a "genuine debate", you would have stayed on topic and already made your points by now. Instead, you turned this into a flame war, and I've lost interest. So no PM's and no more discussion. That is, you can keep talking all you want, but I'm going to ignore you.

    One last thing... If you want to be a stand-up guy, you could try to find and post a few helpful links for Michal11. I've already done it and I think it's the right thing to do, since we wasted so much of his time and took over his thread for (as it turns out) no apparent reason.

    Bye! :)

  • jchamplain - As amusing as it is to read your futile attempts to get a reaction out of me, you're probably dancing dangerously close to getting yourself banned from the forums (remember the forum rules?).

    Now, since you've found it a challenge to follow my instructions in my post above, I've done you a favour: i.e. created a new forum for you:


    Again, I strongly suggest you refrain from hijacking this post any further. I find you and your discussions quite the source of delightful entertainment, so I'd rather not see you get the boot! :)

  • You can find some here https://creazilla.com/sections/4-clipart

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