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  • Hey guys,

    They call me Katsuo & I'm looking for new games projects to compose for.

    Currently I'm working as an artist & producer - I have a new record coming out in January and I have a strong fan base from all over the world already.

    My last video ( was featured on the front page of YouTube UK and I recently played at the o2 Islington.

    I've done some work for indie games projects before but the quality of my productions have improved drastically since then. This month I'm releasing a free 4 track EP of exclusively video games remixes. There's already a Legend of Zelda remix up on my SoundCloud page, which you can find at

    The sound I produce as a solo artist is a mix of rock, electro and dubstep but I've also composed pop, dance, jazz and 8bit style music in the past. I feel confident taking on work in any style you require. Also, I have a Twitter following of 25,000 & a strong social media presence on other sites too, so I would be happy to contribute to the promotion of any finished projects that I work on.

    You can email me at or just send me a message/reply to this thread & I'll give you info about rates/percentages.

    Looking forward to working with you all!


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