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  • Hi, We're an education software company in search of an HTML 5 developer to help us produce a new series of games for children ages 6-12.

    Our platform is already established and deployed in multiple schools throughout the US. We are transitioning our product from a flash client to an HTML based client that works on modern browsers and iPad Safari.

    The good news is that the Game concepts don't have to be educational. We use the games as a reward for solving problems, so many game concepts are possible and they don't have to be educational. We're interested in creative game concepts that the kids will get excited about.

    It's a great opportunity for a long-term relationship.



  • Naturally, with respect for the Scirra forum, please respond via PM.



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  • We are still in a proof of concept phase where we're exploring the limitations of browser-based games. I'm pushing the team to consider using Construct2 to power a series of pure browser games that can work on multiple tablet browsers vs. maintaining apps for iOS, Android, etc.

    We want to present a simple game this week that demonstrates that simple games can be deployed across many platforms at once and if the game design is creative, they will be fun and rewarding for the kids.

    An easy concept I've come up with is "Blender Bender" where the player moves a blender from left to right to catch fruit and avoid junk food.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    If there is anyone who could help me pull this off in a pinch, I can give you all the art work you need, and get you involved a great project working for a great team!

    PM me if you're interested and we'll discuss!



  • Hi Ernie, I've only just noticed your thread now. Are you still looking for a simple proof of concept to be developed? I can help you to put together something simple, but your other requirement is that this works on mobile/tablet devices, which means we'd have to think about performance and mobile functionality (e.g. touch, accelerometer, multiple screen formats). If you just want a really simple POC that's done mainly for a PC with a standard browser like Chrome, Firefox, IE9 - I may be able to help.

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