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  • > I'm sure I can't be the only one thinking this, but how does a 3D interface work in C2?

    > And Unity+C2, working together somehow? or making in C2 and porting to Unity?


    > I'll be interested in helping on the art side of things if the projects scope isn't too large. (Working for free for a long period of time isn't really what I'd want to be doing)


    > Cheers


    Amen brother!

    sorry for late reply u still intrested?

  • I had what I think is the same workflow concept that C2 would be a quick and simple way to explore and develop a moderately simplistic version of gameplay concepts and mechanics while fleshing it out in 3d using Unity.... (unless this is meant to be a Unity 2d, but same idea in general).

    Yes it does mean a dual build, but each has its advantage and what you can knock out quickly in C2 can be refined and developed more intently while already having worked out some of the gameplay do's and don'ts ahead of time.

    Good luck with it!

  • Deadtek title screen mockup

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  • OP, is this your first project? The scope seems quite large and given the video you posted... just asking!

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