Custom magnometer plugin for Construct2 [Paid]

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  • Hello Construct plugin developers.

    We are interested in paying for the development of a custom plugin that can use the mobiles compass as a magnetic field sensor.

    Also known as Magnometer. (EMF detector in the paranormal world)

    The plugin should work on both Android and iOS (our apps are compiled with CocoonJS)

    Please send me a private message, if you are interested.

    • and to hear more about the payment and requirements.
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  • Isn't it kind of risky exposing a phone to magnetic fields?

    I think ideally you would use something like an Arduino shield with bluetooth.

  • There should be magnetic fields all around us, or electromagnetic fields i mean.

    We just need a way to measure them via the mobiles sensors. A lot of apps can already do that, but i havent found out how to do it in Construct 2.

  • You should find PhoneGap plugin that can access sensor api such as geomagnetic field

  • Unfurtunatly, we only use CocoonJS to compile our apps with, we have some really weird problems with phonegap. But im not sure if its even possible to create a plugin that works with CocoonJS?

  • Looked into this a little, sounds like an interesting project. Unfortunately, it looks like this would be difficult data to get at from a javascript framework.

    There was a W3C recommendation back in 2009 for the Compass API, which included the fieldStrength attribute, a perfect fit for what you are doing.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like fieldStrength was exposed in any version of phonegap I can find. It doesn't look like CocoonJS implemented any compass features at all.

    Apparently, not all devices that offer compass data use a magnetometer either. However, all iPads, and all iPhones since the 3GS, do have true magnetometers. Many android devices have them, but some don't.

    Here are links to the low-level API documentation for magnetometer data on android and iOS:

    Android: ... rs-pos-mag

    iOS: ... index.html

  • TiAm - Thanks for the information! And sorry for the late reply. A Magnometer is exacly what i ws looking for.

    I'll try to dig some more info up, and i will share it here, if i find anything good!

    Thanks again!

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