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  • Name: Miguel Nogueira

    Age: 28 years old

    What can I do/have done before: I can design anything that has to do with concept art and design, including: ideas, iterations, brainstorming, story research, level design and game design suggestions, mood and aestethics and artwork in general. I also have experience working in graphic design, digital and traditional clay sculpting and have knowledge of cinematography and multimedia tools. I have worked for a few indie studios, I've made 2D games with friends prior which are available online and helped in a couple of short-films. So far my work has been featured from news sites like Kotaku and software related sites like Keyshot, to name a few. I'm currently work for a indie game studio and I'm helping with a horror game which will be released sooner or later.

    Design Portfolio: You can see my past design works such as personal art, illustrations, designs and others alike in the following link and also at the very end of this post.

    What am I expecting/Who am I: I have studied graphic and multimedia arts and my timezone is GMT, London/Lisbon timezone. I am looking for anything that I can be a part of, mostly companies that are in need for any sort of help in the fields refered above, or just new experiences, be it in design to art, anything. Contact me if interested in my services, I reguarly check spam folders and try to reply as fast as humanly possible.


    Miguel Nogueira

    Referenced sites:

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