Calling all artists, music and sound creators for a brand ne

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  • Thats an improvement

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  • Also if you already had an audience you could talk about exposure, but it looks like something that is being built from start and with no previous games to showcase most will think it's going to fail anyways.

    If you really want to do this, build the game first and then you have something to show to gather interest in artists.

  • The comics highlight a point as Arima said. [Arima I understand, and I shouldn't have posted it out of sarcasm]

    ...And it was perhaps poor taste on my behalf, but I felt it necessary as I could not find anything that could warrant or justify this line "exposure to a world wide extensive audience"

    I googled, I searched, I did a back history, I even tried to find a legal entity and are you paid up in taxes.

    So, after a little searching, I think you and I can both agree that those comics highlighted my point precisely - I have a whole folder more to throw at you too.

    Lesson or take away. If you want to present a serious opportunity. Be a serious opportunity. Which you are not, and that is okay(we all start somewhere), just don't pretend to be something you are not.

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