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  • Hello

    I had worked in too many games and published in many different places

    but still no success - that's because I work alone and I should search for people to work with me

    and I want to build a great team to make a professional games

    some notes ..

    * In this period I am working in 2D games only - no 3D

    * I don't have money to pay - so that's a collaboration work chance . you will earn some experience and these game can be written in your CV , also you may earn some money if the game generated any money

    * I have too many new ideas which not exist in the market which need some professionals to convert the idea into a real game

    open positions

    2 marketers and public relations : they should do their best to market our work and reach it to most people , also communicate with the companies which we deal with

    2 programmers : they should be good in any OOP language also good knowledge with javascript

    3 game artists and animators

    we don't need any 3D one

    my company website :

    contact me on my business email

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  • so what will you be doing then?

  • Hello! We are looking to hire a game developer to add to our team. We are mostly backend developers (PHP/MySQL) and our games have millions of installs. We just need some really motivated games developers with some sweet ideas, and we will take care of ads, promotion, hosting and such

    If you're interested, please PM me!

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