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  • Hello, my wife needs a simple apps like drag and drop, Mathematics, animal sounds, alphabets etc. for android, this is for her school, she's a teacher. There are lots of apps in app store but full of ads if not paid. This annoys her students and her.

    I am learning construct but its a slow process, and she bugs me a lot.

    So if can you please help me for small projects. and be there for me when i ask a question. Yeah forum is here but, wouldn't it be nice if I can just hit somebody using IM. I will pay for your time.



  • Hello;I would like to offer our audio services to your ongoing developments. Forte Sounds is a Music Composition & Sound Design studio of 13 years experience in the games & multimedia industries. We have created music & sounds for over 250 titles for iOS, Android, Flash, MMO titles and works for AAA major release on PS, Xbox & PC. All our work is carried out to the highest AAA grade standards in Forte Sounds bespoke recording studio in the UK.

    As well as bringing a large amount of experience, quality and exacting standards we also bring the benefits of being full time audio production professionals meaning that we can turnaround to very tight deadlines and also are always on hand to communicate any ideas, discussing throughout your project ensuring a fast & smooth delivery.

    Past examples of work can be heard on the following links, including our most recent work; for your review.

    Thanks for your time and please do get in touch with any demo requests or questions/comments.

    All the best

    Lucy ?

  • I can do that, but all the contents (like pictures, songs and such) will have to be from you, because I'm not from america or england or any other english speaking countries, so I don't know what you teach over there

    if you're interested you can PM me or throw something to aryadiperwiras at

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  • Hi fernanm,

    I am interested in the project. Currently I am working in an app for kids with developmental delays (hopefully be able to publish in the next 2 weeks).

    Send me a message if you are interested.

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