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  • I have been playing around with Construct 2 for a few months but I'm having some major issues involved in getting functional touch controls and could use some help.

    My desired control scheme is for there to be a 4 button d-pad on the screen. Double tapping these buttons enables dashing(L/R) and fall through(D). I have that much working sans some issues with fall through.

    I have kinda implemented tap jumping and the swipe gestures(U,D,L,R) for the attacks. The problem comes when using both at the same time. When holding the onscreen buttons it doesn't seem to recognize the swipes or taps.

    I would really like to create a game that has the fluidity and precision of simpler fighting games on a tablet but am very frustrated in getting these two halves of the controls to work together simultaneously. Any help would be greatly appreciated and compensated.

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  • Well, this kind of design, games for touch devices aren't supposed to have a lot of buttons.

    However, check pm.

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