[Video] Why did people love Flappy Bird

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  • So this just popped on my sub list on YouTube and I though it was a great little piece on the chemistry of addictive gaming

    SciShow: Why Did People Love Flappy Bird?

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  • And here I was thinking it was because many people have brains the size of birds.

  • I think this Fruit ninja example I made in about 15 min was more addictive than Flappy Bird. Maybe just begause I made it my self and haven't made any of these stupidly simple little games before.

    If you dare https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104 ... index.html

  • Though it may sound unscientific as an answer, people get addicted to flappy bird because I'm an older person now. This answer is in fact quite the summary of a rather long series of rants, accusations, and zealous narrow-mindedness of myself, which are; despite being what ther are, all justified (in my universe (which is the one true ultimate universe (which makes this answer completely obsolote.)))

    A rather more elaborate and rational looking answer I would give (which would still be unacceptable by majority, though) is that it is not people who are addicted to such games, but populations. Today, a significant percentage of people have access to mobile devices - which can also be used as gaming devices - and thus most people play games. Those of us who remember that only a small percentage of population had access to computers (the major gaming device) and even a smaller percentage of these people used to play games are daunted by this small fact. Whereas in the past a small, intellectually developed and capable population could play games (and thus games were made according to that appetite) today intellectually undeveloped people (a large chunk of the bell curve) are tha majority of the players and thus games are made according to their appetite. BUT only OLD people like me think this way (and don't care about the seemingly humanitarian but ultimately futile flamin replies to such an explanation) think this way... So... there you go... I feel lighter...

    (There is still more inside, wanting to rant about quick time events, rapidly pressing x to climb ladders, extremely dumb games and games that are difficult just for the sake of being difficult instead of being challenging for marketing reasons but... this will have to do for now...)

  • It seems that the buzz surrounding the simple smartphone game Flappy Bird exploded out of nowhere, and then just as quickly dissipated.

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  • Just an scary thought,

    Guy writes a 5 minute game, google monetized it. Guy wrote a rather nifty bot, mass downloaded it. Guy manages to climb through the rankings with it, then self sustain's (almost anyone will download/try the search suggestions, based by rankings), long enough to earn a small fortune. Guy get's caught, upset people mentioned suing. Company realizes they air out their dirty laundry by bringing a case publicly, showing the fault's inside their ranking system and how it can be manipulated. Guy forced into early retirement. Guy gives away all asset's and nifty cover story. The end!

  • People loved flappy bird because their friends played it.

  • I'm pretty sure Illuminati is close. There's a discussion about that on toucharcade that seems to corroborate this.

  • Really? There's speculation about a bot behind the initial download surge of FB? That's interesting and would explain a lot... Anyway, despite the game being extremely simple and objectively much worse than many other games that can't even get a few hundred downloads, it did a couple of things extremely well like its control system, (very) short time duration for a single game and an easy objective/score target to beat at your next attempt.

    All these should always be considered when developing games for mobile platforms targeting commuters.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/PewDiePie

    This channel has a ridiculous number of subscribers and the vids have insane views.

    Flappy Bird got popular immediately after a rant on one of the episodes, about how bad the game is and how its such a waste of time.

    So people wanted to see for themselves, then immediately tell their friends about how bad it was.. but as friends started to play it, it became a competition of sorts.

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