Using designs from famous characters

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  • I like them!

  • Haha yeah, I guess vader and iron man are pretty obvious candidates for lawsuits. I think the ultraman one should also be one. Ya, I am really confused about the halo one. The other two I think I can get away with......haha but I guess they themselves might not get much attention cause maybe not many people will be able to tell which famous characters or people they are from.

    Thanks for the compliment!

  • rekjl

    Yeah, they may be a little too close to the mark.

    How about trying to recolor the original shape with the "famous" colors without changing the actual shape much, if at all?

    Kind of like what was done here : ... o---773398

    (But you may have to choose different characters, with a nearly unmistakable color scheme.)

  • Nevertheless they all look nice , sad we have to worry about such minor details !

  • PurohanPirilu, wow that link was really interesting! Haha it is so amazing that it was so simple, yet almost unmistakable!

    thank you. Haha ya, it is in place to protect people, but just that some greedy lawyers are always looking for opportunities.

    Actually, I am thinking of using a new approach. I was thinking of using famous human characters and adding their accessories to my robot character. For example, captain jack sparrow. Put some of his dreadlocks, moustache and beard and a bandana. While it is instantly recognizable (hopefully), it should still be significantly different because it is a robot with robot features still. I was thinking of going this way. So far, I only got captain jack sparrow, TMNT, and the Stig (hehe the racing helmet in case you didn't realize). I need 5 am still thinking of 2 more.......hehe might try to see if I can do a God of War Kratos version!

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  • Go look at Broforce. They are using more than 12 famous characters. I guess the trick is too not name them accordingly even though there is a resemblance.

  • Ldk, thanks for that. Perhaps we give it a different name and some different props to use as defence that it is a new character, while still keeping many characteristics so that people can instantly recognize it.

    I've actually finished all my new character designs now. Hehe the Kratos version really came out nice I think.

  • Ah, man, these are brilliant! I really like the style and idea.

    avoiding a name reference is surely the way to go as names are often copyrighted themselves.

    Good luck and can't wait to see the final result!

  • AeponViroth, thanks for the compliment. Really appreciate it.

    Haha ya I forgot to upload the final images I will be using, so here they are.

    Haha I know the super mario version has been widely abused, but it was simple and it did fit. I really do love the "Bot of War" Kratos version. This other one I will be using is the "Stig" racing helmet.

    I feel that these should put me in a safe zone in terms of lawsuit, what do you guys think?

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