Swearing in video games! !@#$%

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  • Have you watched the TV series called "Suits" I think they have 1-3 swear words per episode. Perfect.

  • serious? there's a game to be designed and you'd worry about whether you should have swear words!

    if are you making a game for toddlers (don't swear)

    or teenagers (do swear)

    or adults (swear but look clever about it)

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  • I live in a christian home and so I am opposed to swearing and it's use in my games period. Though just because a game has some swearing doesn't mean I am not going to play it or judge overall quality just by it's dialog quality. My advice is to use it wisely (eg. The killer strikes again and the hero mutters under his breath "d---") It also depends on your audience, like someone who had grown up in a bad home or neiborhood probably doesn't notice or care if there is swearing in the games he plays. While if someone from my family were playing the same game they might stop playing or look at the game in a more negative way. Also, if your targeting adults then it carries less weight when they hear a swear word, no matter what religion or race. And then some swear words are worse than others and you'll have to take that into account to.

  • there's nothing in the bible about swearing, so that is your interpretation of what it is to be christian

    i guess if you're marketing the game to the right wing christian demograph in the US, I would go with that advice, Christians in Europe really don't care

  • I know whenever a game swears, my wife makes me turn the volume down or makes me wait until the kids are asleep before I can play. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Think about this:

    Top grossing movies are seldom rated R in the US. If a movie says the F word about three times its a guaranteed R rating.

    The video game standards are a bit backwards compared to movies. Movie ratings tolerate a number of violent scenes so long as gore and blood is kept down. Any war game with a slight pinch of blood when you kill someone in a video game seems to get it a Mature rating off the bat, which otherwise would have made a PG-13 movie.

  • I can't speak for anyone but myself but I do cuss daily and I just us them as words because they are

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