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  • I would like to discuss a thread expressing Science Fiction or Futuristic games (on PC) that defined and expanded on its own genre.We could debate which games should be in this category and why. But I saw this cool video on kickstarter about a new space game that has a RTS mode. You can share your perspective.

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  • Given that ftl travel would be so detrimental to life,and how long it would take for standard wave communication, its a good chance that our first travels to other systems would be almost completely automated.

    That being said, an rts would fit into that somewhat. Especially when you think about terraforming.

  • Elite, first open ended game.

    Eve online, riches politics and human double agents.

    Homeworld, best space backdrops.

  • Read some good sci-fi books, preferably by Philip K Dick or Stanislaw Lem. ;) You will find plenty of great ideas in there, that are actually believable.

  • I really love Sci-FI games, especially the Starcraft and Tribes-series. Soo much fun to burst some aliens! :D

  • What do you want to talk about in regards to Sci-Fi?

    My favourite is that all Sci-Fi technologies will probably not be the technologies used in the future.

    A few of my favourites

    Particle Physics will likely produce/collect infinite energey from the universe itself. The Earth as example is a massive electrical battery as is the solar system.

    Myth of propulsion. it's likely that the future of travel will be based on Einstein Field Theories rather than any form of rocketry. So isntead of PUSHING our selves through space we will instead just warp time and space around us. Actually Hitchikers Guide to to Universe Imporbability Drive is probably going to be the closest to galactic travel than any Sci-Fi writer as written :D

    Currently there companies that are making digitials displays on near paper this cloth.

    Sci-Fi in a hundred years would blow the mind away of many sci-fi writers of today :D

    Sci-Fi is my favorite genre. both hard sci-fi and fantasy Fi

  • :)

    we have the luxury of living the future now. Think of your ultimate cutting edge technology ....aaaand....       implement it in your C2 project ;)



  • talking about space travel and sci-fi...

    What do you think of FTL: Faster Than Light - interesting and refreshing indie game- A must for all Star Trek fans. Or is that RedShirt? :)


  • We do many things for my life. Once we become boring, then it will be best option to travel there where we face no barrier like Space. So, It is possible to go there by Video games.

  • One of my friends sent me this link of a space game that has a RTS mode, you can see a video here:

  • I have seen some Sci-fi & futuristic Scene on Kickstarter recently.

  • Zombies: Sci-Fi or Fantasy or both!?

  • Zombies: Sci-Fi or Fantasy or both!?

    I think the video was full of Sci-fi scenery.

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