Which do you prefer: Pixel Art or "Polished" Art?

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  • first let me thank everyone for their wonderful and honest opinions. that means a lot to me and helps guide me in the direction of selecting the final artwork for the game.

    second, i'd like to share on this thread sources for free game art to help you in your games...if you are a experienced game developer you may know of these sites below (and probably a lot more), but this is what i've come across and would like to share with you:

    free pixel art: http://www.openpixelproject.com/

    free art, sound, music: http://opengameart.org/

    free vector art: http://www.zipup.me/

    thank you everyone for your advice, recommendations, and help...hope the above links are of some value to you.

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  • Both are beautiful styles in their own right. It's just a matter of how they are implemented into a project. =]

  • Right now I think Clash of Clans, or Angry Birds type art is quite popular, but it all depends on the feeling you want to give the player, the type of game and the Audience. "Hyper light drifter" style is probably my favorite when it comes to pixel art. Looks more modern yet retro. Games like "Below" looks retro looks a bit retro but is not pixel art. Play around with it, find some games that inspire you.

  • i prefer pixel art, it could be hi resolution pixel art and look neat. It's not easy as everybody say, doing pixel art is a lot of work, you don't have a lot of freedom in styles. I do both pixel art and vector/canvas.

    Today you have a lot of software for drawing but pixel art is almost the same.

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