Play-testing and reviewing your Construct game on YouTube

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  • Hey guys,

    So... one of the members of our gamedev group (Toby R, of WFT games, at made a Construct game and asked me to record a playthrough, and so here it is. Never done this before in my life, but it was fun. I learned a lot about game design in general by just playing someone else's game.

    Also, if anyone wants to make a request to play their Construct game, let me know. It's kind of fun, and it's something I would love to continue doing... but need more indies who are willing to have their game showcased, reviewed and play-tested.

    I will need the .exe of your game, and URL to your website, which will be included in the video.

    You can post them in our skype group chat, it's in another thread that was started few days ago, and I don't want to over-spam the forums, but if you are interested in doing this, just respond to this thread.



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  • Hi,

    do you also playtest games that are still under development?

    I am trying to collect as much feedback as possible before going towards next development phase.

    Thank you,


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