Pixel Art style VS 3D graphic, which one do you prefer?

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  • From a technical standpoint, using pixel art takes way less space and may load easier and faster. ......

    in many cases it will be opposite.

    For the same character - a rig, mesh and texture and maps for a 3D character can take up quite minimal space compared

    • to the same same animated 2D version, especially if using a say 100 reasonably high res frames.

    but back to subject

    if you want dynamic and exciting animation then pixel art and skilled animators still rule.

    3D models mostly always look stale and rigid, it is so much harder to make them come to life than 2D animation, and the people with the skills needed to achieve this are still few and tools involved are just maturing in this respect.

    However one notable exception is Blizzards Overwatch. It has really turned the tables in this respect.

    They have really pushed the boat out in terms of applying 2D animation processes (such as stretching/squashing/tweening/easing/exaggeration/anticipation etc) into the 3D realm, in game, and the results are astounding.

  • It also depends on what kind of Software you have.

    Softimage + Species = awesome,but those geniuses at Autodesk killed it off. This is one example where I can say, luckily it wasn't subscription, so I can still use it.

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  • I had the same situation with an 2d artist, not pixel-art but just painted stuff in Photoshop. We wanted to do an isometric game and after he started working on some characters , we came to the conclusion that he had to do not 4x times the work, but almost 5-6 times the amount of work for each character (walking cycles from 4 different angles).

    The 2nd approach has to make the 3d characters and animations in 3d, paint the UV maps so they look stylished.

    I think If I wanna make a pixelart game, I will first model the main characters in 3d, and make the pixelart on top of the rendered animations

    A very late response. But I would say I am "not" an artist, but I can still manage a lot of stuff on 3D softwares, the tools make it possible for me to create stunning 3d models/scenes without having the creativity and knowledge that an artist possesses.

    When it comes to 2d, you need way more knowledge of colours, shades, structures, shadows, movements, etc. to create something appealing. I am not taking away anything from 3D artists, but I can say 2D is way more difficult and time consuming.

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