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  • Episode 3 is now live! In this episode, I take on all your feedback and work on adding it to the chosen concepts.

    As always, I love to hear your thoughts and questions!

  • Awesome work cant wait to see the next ones, Thanks for sharing with us, there are not many tutorials like this to create assets and characters for Games so keep it up the good work. can I recommend something that you can add on the tutorials, is something that we struggled at the beginning and we looked at hundreds of tutorials but none of them mention it, and is the most basic

    Things like before you start the art:

    What is the size of the canvas that you set are there any rules that you follow? depends on what you drawing? do you set the canvas size according to the game resolution where is gonna be placed? example the game is gonna be at 1920x1080 so do you set the canvas to that size or it doesn't matter

    Can you zoom while you drawing to pint small parts or is not recommended because it breaks the art?

    What is the recommended size for the stroke to draw so it doesn't break after once is placed into the Game?

    How do you export them? and at wich size do you export them?

    And also the same thing for drawing the characters do you draw them at the size that is gonna be shown in the Game or doesn't matter? I had a lot of problems using photoshop because when the art where done and placed into the game all the stroke it was pixeled it was so hard to find the proper rules to follow to avoid that until we switched to adobe illustrator, watched at almost all the paid and no paid tutorials on the internet none of them mention this so will be great if you can explain the base and fundamentals for this.

    Also, +1 to what jobel wrote, I will be really interested in that too

    [quote:12sczhy1]well I think tiled assets is good to go over, tilemaps and repeating backgrounds

    Sorry for so many questions but is something that you cant find anywhere Thanks man

  • Awesome work cant wait to see the next ones...

    tarek2 Thanks! Glad to hear that I have helped. Slowly working on the next episode though this one has been difficult to find the time for.

    Very good questions, to vaguely answer: Go as large as your target system specs can handle. When creating mock-ups I'll typically use the target screen size so for most desktop games 1920x1080 works however mobile/tablet is a completely different story as even the ratios can differ greatly.

    Another thing to consider specific to construct is finding the right canvas size for the assets.

    I'll should be able to answer all your questions over the next couple of episodes. However if you do have any more specific questions feel free to email me (contact info at ).

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  • That's Grate I can't wait to see the next episodes to clear up a lot of doubts.

    And thanks a lot for the info was really helpful

    Ho yea now that you mention that I forgot to mention all the problems we had it was targeting mobiles and Ipads I hope you can expand on those sections and give us a really good inside on what is the best approach for those platforms

    Thanks a lot, take care

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