Need advice deciding the game type of my very C2 first game

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  • Sorry for the massive post. Basically I just want to know what are "easy" types of mobile games a beginner could make and publish. So I think I've had my sights set way too high for my very first game. Instead of some Metroidvania or cRPG, I'm going to create a simple, fun mobile game. I'll come back to Metroid when I'm more experienced. I've decided that maybe I should attempt to clone something interesting and put my own spin on it. Good idea?

    I spent all last night surfing Google play for inspiration and I've come up with four game ideas I think are feasible to complete at my beginner skill level. I'd appreciate any thoughts regarding the level of difficultly creating these games, what I might have to think about when creating them, etc. So yeah, I hate to say it but basically I'm going to try and create a clone of a fun and simple mobile game.

    I'm a pretty good artist so just imagine these games look pleasant enough. I'm linking more info to games that I wish to replicate with the features they include (copy and pasted straight from google play). I'll probably simplify some stuff like the amount of levels, achievements, etc.

    Static Zombie FPS - "Zombie Frontier 3" - ... zf3d&hl=en)

    (This game seems like it would take the longest and would be the most difficult to create as my first game. Maybe I can simplify things in some ways. Any suggestions?)

    -Amazing 3D Graphics

    -Awesome Sound & Music

    -Arsenal of Weapons

    -Weapon Upgrade System

    -Numerous different undead enemies

    -Multiple Gameplay Modes

    -Special Events

    Endless Wave Survival Zombie Tapper with some Tower Defense - "100 Day - Zombie Survival" - ... ombi&hl=en

    ( I actually think this one would be really fun to replicate and alter)

    -Simply tap to fire your gun.

    -Your tapping speed determines the firing speed.

    -Hire teammates to increase chance of survival in this world of despair.

    -Experience this simple, yet strategic game!

    Single touch platformer - "Darkland" - ... land&hl=en

    (This game seems the easiest to recreate. Unique though! )

    • Simple gameplay with one touch controller.
    • Minimalist art style with beautiful color
    • More than 50 challenging levels to play: move forward, fall down, go up or play in a unstable gravity environment, find the way to go or just challenge your timing.
    • Enemies: light blocks and spikes
    • Safe objects: teleporter, gravity switcher

    Simple platformer with virtual controls- "Sword of Xolan" - ... olan&hl=en

    (I really hate on screen controls but this game looks kind of fun. Some people tolerate on-screen controls. If I where to create this game, I'd just take my Metroidvania prototype and just remove all the advanced movement, story, and rpg elements.)

    • 30 handcrafted adventure levels
    • 9 time-based challenge levels
    • 3 "End Of Act" bosses
    • Over 30 different enemies like: zombies, giants and flying creatures
    • 10 unique game-cards to improve Xolan's skill
    • Customizable touch controls
    • Controller support
    • 19 Game Center achievements
    • Original soundtrack by Burak KarakaÅŸ

    These are the four games types I think I'm able to create with all the knowledge I've gained and will continue to learn in the next few months. Are there any other types of games that would be good for beginners to design and publish? I like the last three game ideas. I'm thinking it's possible to create something in 2-7 months, depending on the game.

    tldr; what are some "easy" and interesting game types a beginner could feasibly create and publish on the app store? can you share examples? thank you!

    edit: i really like the zombie fps idea the most but it seems the hardest. i keep imagining house of the dead or the resident evil wii shooters in pixel art though <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • I'd say platform, since that's essentially what Metroid is.

  • Thank you. That's a good point. A lot of what I'll learn from this mobile game will be directly applicable to a larger platformer game. Check out the WIP screenshots forum! I've already begun working on it on "MiniVania"!

  • Another real simple type that I learned a lot from making was a "clicker" game. I have a template on the Scirra store but I think it is really simple to get started on your own without it. Those games may not be your cup of tea but they make you get real good at:

    • Using plugins (RexRainbow Date/Time plugins for sure)
    • Dealing with SAVING data whether it be in Localstorage or on a server
    • Retrieving saved data (and parsing it if needed)
    • But simple enough to not have to have a lot of art to get started

    Just a suggestion and good luck on your learning, make sure to have fun!

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  • Did you get to make a game? can you share it here??

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