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  • I have to give credit to the game for having a market watch as part of game play. I think it would be better to have a game teach people on how to be an indie team. After watching this video--

    I liked that video but it seemed focused on just platformers. I wonder about other genre's for mobile. Especially puzzle games with in-app purchases.

  • cademan I do too, not sure where to get market watch data or if Steam publicly releases "wishlist" data as that helps publishers decided when to discount a game. There are top selling game lists on the App store, and it's easy to genre specify and make sub lists.

    There is a old movie rule of thumb-- if a certain movie is released too much, then you stop releasing those kinds of movies, but if a trend is about to happen you make that kind of movie.

    Meaning, if there are a lot of new puzzle games like "Bejeweled" or "Candy-crush" then making another one probably won't be a good idea. However, after a certain period of time making the next "Candy-crush", people will enjoy it as it has nostalgia value and brings something new to the gameplay.

    Notably, this is a rule of thumb and doesn't account for new things like "Minecraft" and the failure to bring back Westerns as a film gerne. However, there was a game simulator I played that consider creating different game types based on market watches and trends in order to have a better chance at selling a game.

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  • Well, right now the apps market is great and will probably keep going on for quite a long time.

    I believe it all depends on your product, if you release something that is amazing then it is possible that you will hit the jackpot, no matter in what platform you released it. For mobile devices you got to know how to monetize it as for mobiles you cannot really sell for a high price, however if you got millions of micro transactions you got it! it all comes down to the quality of the product in my opinion it got to have an x factor, whatever it is.

    As when it comes to the traditional desktop market, I don't believe that the market will dry up at all. unless you get to a point where all you need is a tablet or mobile device to do everything efficiently.

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