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  • NetOne Sorry for the late response. I've been experimenting with tilemaps meself. Lots of trouble and not sure if i'm getting any improvements. Your news about arrays dont look very encouraging either, although i'm also having a look at it -- arrays for dummies or something, still a long way to go. Ow Im getting the dev blues ´-` I'm aware i'll most likely have recode (at least!) deeply the whole project. So im doing the wise coward thing and focusing on some simpler side project for the time being. Hey, just to learn me some stuff. The mighty megaqüest has already survived many of these emotional drags bfore.

    (dunno how to you mate) Yeah, a valid question innit. I love the concept since i played Fallout2. I wanted the game to be, well... more based in areas than in levels or stages, I guess. The idea of a whole world for you to explore and so. But mainly, i didnt know enough to see that it was going to become such a pain in the end :\

  • To follow up. I just introduced a small array 5x5 into my game then processed some simple calculations with it for enemy positions in a fast sidescrolling shooter. And the framerate tanked on my target Xperia z1. FYI I am aiming for mobile. it seems there are good reasons why there are not so many complex browser games on mobile....hmm. Stick with the tilemap thing.... I will hard code these enemy positions if I have to.....

    Just FYI. Please disregard this comment. At the time I was new to arrays and wasn't using them properly. In this case I wasn't closing them or limiting the size and they were getting huge very quickly causing slow down. Now that I half know what I'm doing I can see that they are super efficient.

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  • NetOne cheers brother, I really appreciate the interest I put the whole project on stand-by for a couple of months, to get some perspective and curse the heavens and gather energies for what gonna be, I'm afraid, quite a deep redesign of the whole damn thing (again). That's a step I dont wanna take too lightly though, so Im considering how should i approach the whole thing from the beginning.

    So this array solution seems to be the "proper" (even the "old school") thing to do, thus i really want to give it a try -- or a look, at least. The problem is, I'm not even sure of what you guys mean by "load-level-from-array"... you mean, load them tiles? Or load uh... coordinates of things? Enemy encounters, or what? I know i can export a tilemap to json (im not 100% sure what a json file is tho), but I dont think my tilemap is the problem (gots collisions off). Whatever. Any tutorial or article or blog entry on this technique? (not NetOne necessarily, but hey ;P )

    About the "Tilemap Solution" discussed some posts above, I tried it (or something resembling it) in some little pacmanoid project i had which was giving me (yeah also) performance problems -- and it's working pretty good, although it requires a quite strict "checkboard" approach that i'm not sure is gonna work for the mighty MEGAQUEST...

    Finally, I havent completely dropped the idea of splitting the whole thing into several layouts. Even faking some seamless-looking effect somehow. That would be somewhat safer, as these performance issues tend to appear when the game gets a certain size (and consequently a lot of work behind), i wouldn't like to discover then that whatever the path i choose happens to be useless again...

  • Ive started over a few times myself after various light bulb moments it is an absolute pain but I see it as part of the learning process for noob game devs

    I'm assuming at some stage I will be like "hey yea I know how to make that game from end to end" rather than like at present, "how do I do this" "what happens if I try this" .

    at least you have a working decent game out with your awesome dark pac man game and a demo of Megaquest. I have nothing that resembles a game right now even after 6 months! (I'm getting close to a shmup tech demo tho).

    I'm not the expert in arrays. so far Ive used two small ones in my game, one for a ray cast check and another just to average out the speed of a touch swipe. both are rather small simple uses of array but I am getting the hang of it. I reckon in a about a week I will be starting the editor aspect of my shmup. this is where I am going to have to start looking at really using arrays with json files and exporting and importing json text for the enemy patterns from editor to game. This is what we were talking about previously for your game maps. It will be a big learning exercise for me and I cant guarantee that I will get it but if I do ill be happy to help out if you haven't figured it out by then or someone else hasn't stepped in....I think the best thing would be to do a simple test first to see if it actually will solve your performance issues.


    and happy birthday by the looks of it.....

  • hey NetOne , thanks (as usual!) for your advice and support

    you think so? I've been myself three damn years or so groping C2, and i feel that you already know more about arrays than me :S I have some rudimentary (think of an ape with a stick) programming knowledge, although i'm more in the artistic department. the mighty MEGAQÜEST is my only long-running project -- longer than it should, actually. A monstrously oversized for-fun project, developed on the go without any previous coherent planification whatsoever (aka organically). still to be seen if it's ever finished. I hope so because by now is somewhat "too big to fail". some of us will never learn.

    json. I guessed sooner or later it would come to that. I am currently implementing important (severe even) changes in the code, we'll see what comes out of it. If nothing else works, i'll have to learn me damn ajax... i envy that "for knowledge's sake" philosophy. years keep falling apart (cheers!), and sometimes I feel that nothing ever comes up.

    so don't let that shmup take that long

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