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  • Well, I am playing with JohnnySheffield stable zackmod and I can't see why anyone would ever need other. It is simple, it is great and I was able to "solve" all the problems I've found.(well, my project is not working on firefox and IE... but that is all)

    If you fell that there is a urge for server-side high-level-programming, and you are only trying to get things on a easier way, so, I would advice you to produce on construct2 a drag-and-drop-and-save system for creating and managing socket.io server side code, that and a true guide of how to use the mod would help greatly the community.

    First you can design the spawn, then the enemy spawn, then the NPC spawn and his sync solution(be it controlled by the first client connected or by other way), then the basic functions and animations, then a socket.room system based on distance from sprites...

    But your project is just great also.

  • Bleh had a big long post about server side authentication, and perhaps using some api's like Open Id or Facebook, but the crapy forum software ate it... again.

    Ok not real long, but anyways.

    Tom webwis suck green donkey doo

  • breackzin

    We are currently looking at Redis for a model of storing data on the server side. However you have a good point. An easy way to identify what data should be easily stored is a good idea. We will look into that. As an initial thought maybe we can use C2 Dictionary as a model of storage.

    We are not using socket.io, we are currently working with raw websocket. Go language does not support socket.io. :( socket.io however is mostly a wrapper of transports to have all the transports look like websocket. It's a nifty piece of tech :)

    We will be making tutorials once we have the first development release to share.

    newt I understand your pain. I have lost posts too :D

    Well BubbleBath.exe is a raw message handler that forwards messages to clients or nodes and then back and forth. At that level there is no need for authentication. However and often any game with persistent player data requires protection and access by security. So I am actually keen on considering how this can be provided to the C2 developer.

    Now this is just an initial thought that been floating around. BubbleBath won't handle authentication. Often Facebook, google login, twitter and all these other sites tend to use proxy logins. A request is made by the client side to login. This is linked directly to to the authentication site and not through visiting site. This validates a cookie for the site to access limited data from FB/Google/Twitter...

    Now I have thought about this already because I wanted to possibly integrate Clay.io. We shouldn't get the user password, instead we need a proxy pass that the client sends to bubblebath to use.

    The other alternative is that we can look into providing a local user account system. In this model we would build this in C2 so that developers could customize an authentication system.

  • jayderyu

    Any update on this?

  • Thndr

    We are still working on this. This is a spare time project right now sp limited to our free time. A lot more of the potential backend is in place. Players and Nodes can connect. We are just polishing up on some developer features and protocols.

    Hopefully we will have a prelim to show off in a few weeks and to get C2 developers feet wet.

    Though a question.

    Would you prefer a single Plugin to be used as both the Player and Server game logic or would you rather work with two different plugins?

  • How would you connect to the server without a third party plug?


  • Well I'm unsure how it'd work better for multiplayer, rather inexperienced on making any networked games.

    Whatever seems most secure and less likely to cause accidental glitches/cheats.

  • This so fantastic, i have been using Socket.io mostly now, but i can see potential in this project. Espacially the Channel feature you have, im going to stop working with socket.io and wait for some results here, hopefully next month ;)

    I would prefer 2 plugins, then you can keep better track of what you are doing, and better seperate server and client logic.

    Would we be able to make a lan game with this?

  • newt

    We are using WebSockets right now due to it's larger cross compatibility among core browsers. Making sure that mobile webkits for IOS and Android are the minimum target. Once they have WebRTC unreliable channels we will look into supporting the faster UDP based setup.

    Thndr SgtConti

    Good points. Two plugins would enforce that the wrong commands don't get used in the wrong situations and cause confusion. More work :) but we want to provide the best use as we can for C2 developers.

    Bubble won't be providing Peer 2 Peer connections to start, but we are looking at providing the BubbleBath.exe file with certain conditions. So you should be able to play LAN. Running a game with the server on the LAN is just as good.

  • Any updates on this great project?

  • Well, warmenhoven released a server to me. however, it's not near ready for use yet. It is operating with the horizontal scaling, redis storage and session objects. It also allows for both a Node(C2 app) and a Client(C2 app) can connect, but as it is now. the rest is only a unit testing and no way up for even feedback release.

    However, the catch is the server is over a month old, and warmenhoven is a contract worker. So I haven't had any updates from him in that time. Sent a few emails, some were answered some werent. So Ic an't say anything in regards to an estimate. My own estimation time I've had to put on hold. I really can't predict his availability of when he can work on the server. For warmenhoven this is just a side thing so when work and life comes up Bubble has a low priority :|

    I've thought about hacking together a quick server so I/We can start getting some definitions and input on how C2 developers would like to use it. But last time I did that he popped a server on me and then it was... eh i suppose I don't need too :D

    So for now I can`t say when he will pass on the next server. But when he does I will be sure to prep the api and see if it`s working enough for C2 developers to start getting there hands on.

    I appreciate the continued interest.

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  • jayderyu Thank you for the update, I'm very interested in this project, because then I finally could get my automatch system get to work proberly, and get a good disconnect function, this is the problems I have with socket.io

    I even stopped working on multiplayer but conentrating on gameplay function while waitin for bubble ;)

    So I'll hope we can get a taste of Bubble next month :)

  • I'm putting Bubble on hiatus. We had a lot of hope and promise for the project. However my few recent communications have resulted in that my partner is busy, very busy; and likely to only get busier; happy news busy, but busier.

    With JoyfulDreamer with DreamSpaceJS and another new developer coming onto the scene wanting to do websockets. I'm going to put Bubble on hiatus. I may still put together a prototype of bubble, but for the time being considered to be sleeping until further news.

    I thank every ones interest and I am really saddened that there weren't more to show, but it didn't seem to turn out that way. If my partners schedule changes and the situation picks up where more time can be dedicated I will repost here with an update.

  • jayderyu have you thought about asking someone else to help you? I think here is plenty of capable people...

    (no, I'm not referring to myself :) )

  • Jeff Skyrunner

    I did, but since my last post. My own life situation has changed. details I don't want to go into :P

    I have to stabilize my current situation before re-tackling the Bubble project. but when I do I will be at it and looking for a partner :)

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