Ideas for Games with random endless level?

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  • Hello,

    I want to create a game with an endless random level heneration and simple game mechanics. Something like ZigZag.

    Maybe physic based or even a puzzle like 1010!(Although here it is not the level that is random, but the game tokens).

    Anybody got a cool idea or more games like this for Inspiration?

    thanks in advance

    Edit: I see i cant post URL's. But you can look up the games on YouTube by searching for their names

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  • really? u don't have ideas? ....not sure why im answering...

  • Well yes thats why im asking.

  • well random level endless? mhmm u could change the background and how platforms enemys are spawning... for each unlimited game, flappy birz its based on physics and its endless

  • Yes sure, i could make an other flappy birds clone, but im looking for something "new"

  • Look at "go faster" on the arcade for one idea. It even comes with a capx you can look at. The auto runner template that comes with C2 is another.

    Basically whatever kind of level generation you can implement can then have a player inserted into with even the most basic movement.

  • go faster

    Great, is is what i mean:) Rather unique gameplay(at least i havent seen something like that) but still really simple mechanics. Thanks

  • > go faster


    Great, is is what i mean:) Rather unique gameplay(at least i havent seen something like that) but still really simple mechanics. Thanks

    Go faster inspired us to make this game. Similar mechanics, something is chasing you, and you have to runaway forever. We changed some of the levels so that it's not just something coming from the left, there's also a dragon that can chase you in any direction, and a lava pit that you have to try to escape. Power ups, coins, etc, could help give you a few ideas maybe. ... cantescape

  • The biggest challenge is a random level generation that works and doesn't get the player stuck somewhere (which would happen if it's just perlin, for instance).

    One way to overcome this is to allow the player to destroy the environment, so if they do get stuck, they can get out of the situation.

    Big guns which blow up the rock, or whatever your platforms are made of, or bombs, could help to this end. It will make implementation of the random terrain much less painful. So, if you include a mechanic like that, just make sure it works well with your theme.

  • hardcore flappy bird.

    2 buttons - 1for jumping, one for shooting.

    remove obstacles and add enemies and powerups - endless fun.

  • Endless runner Tetris platformer.

    Sidescrolling game where character is constantly running across the level and player build the level/platform tetris style at the same time.

    The player can make him jump.

    So basically keep bridge building so he wont fall off down into the void.

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