Getting musicians involved: What is reasonable?

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  • > For me, I guess the bottom line is that bad music is probably better than no music (as long as there is a readily available mute button).


    No. Sometimes bad music is the worst option. Even if the mute button is found, it's still a registered negative.

    But some amateur 'musicians' do have an inflated ego of the amateur trade. In many cases, if you did a simple beginner's keyboard melody, that's plenty (and often better than the garbage amateur games have). Just a few simple bars is often enough.

    If not, then there's plenty of places to get free sound tracks for your work.

    You shouldn't need to go the paid musician route, unless you're a professional (proven) commercially profitable concern, with A grade products.

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  • megatronx - I couldn't think of a better word for it at the time. Maybe director? Either way, I think your "let it be so" comment sums it up. I mean, loops are out there, and there isn't really anything anybody can do about it. Might as well make the most of it...

    Aurora - Hey now... I said probably better. Haha...maybe make the game mute by default?

    thomas0611 - I would think you should consider what genre of music you need first. That could certainly narrow down where you need to search for music/musicians.

  • Do what I did, go to soundcloud, start listening to peoples creations and when you find someone you like(think his style would fit your game, etc.) send them a message telling them you would like to bring them onboard for your project. Be sure to state clearly that you can't offer them any money hands down, but that if the game makes any money(I olso suggest you include the phrase "and realisticaly it probably won't" so as to not get their hopes up) they will recieve their share.

    At the end of the day if nothing else at least they will have their name in the credits and something new to add to their portfolio.

    That's how I found myself a very talented mate who is gonna make some awesome music for my game. Hopefully after I release the game I will be able to reward his hard work...

  • Music should be much more than just a quick tailored placeholder, just so that it isn't so quiet. You would wonder how much more success your game had if using explicitly composed music instead of well konwn loops.

    Exactly. I think people are misunderstanding you.

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    is what you mean by "loops", right?


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    is a remix. Even though it is done using "loops", they are two different things.

  • You can usually find composers on game development/engine forums. Scirra's Job Offers and Team Requests subforum has plenty of composers offering paid and free services, including myself.

    That is, of course, only the best course of action if you want to have an exclusive soundtrack: if not, there are sites with free music or at least, selling licenses to royalty free music.

  • thomas0611,

    music is my profession and my advise to you is this ....

    Put as much work as you can into the visuals! If you have a stunning looking game, you should be able to attract a gifted musician who can create "the right sound track" for your game.

    If you can show something special, someone out there will take some time and make you something worth while. Many musicians are in the same boat as you are. They are studying audio engineering and can't find projects to work on.

    If you live in a big city, I'd suggest posting on craigslist or the university campus bulletin board.

    Especially if you have a website up and running which provides all the information someone needs in order to decide to help you ... or not.

    Take your time, look around. There are so many musicians out there and some of them have a home recording studio but no one to record.

    Be creative and go with someone who will lift your project up a couple notches.

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