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  • hello all. I watched the maze runner the other night (and the second one which was terrible) but i was flooded with memories of a pc game Alien Earth!!

    now i want to make a similar sort of game, and welcome all puzzle ideas/art work/ map design / item ideas / character ideas / music / voice acting and what ever we decide is a good idea!

    I am happy to put this baby together, but spent the entire evening creating sprites and planning a basic concept

    For those who are unfamiliar with Alien Earth, its a rts game, point and click and item combining (kind of like resident evil/fallout/ elder scrolls. with enemies that shoot, and psycho kinetic abilities later on to add to your weapons

    ANYONE who has plot ideas is welcome to share

    So far, i want the game to begin with amnesia (caus y not) like the start of the Maze runner, starting in a lift. Then out into town 1, where everyone came through with the same conditions.

    my plan so far, is that NO--ONE is aloud to leave the town, as large monster animals have poisons that make people violent(zombies).

    upon a friend getting bitten by a creature, the town locks (him/her) up and you overhear them thinking about throwing (him/her) out of town.

    obviously a cure is thought to exist as a rare plant out of the town. And being the protagonist you decide to sneak out at night to find it.

    the wilderness like the start of Alien Earth will consist of problems that items can solve.... This is where your input will be appreciated!

    to get the ideas flowing, i figure for weapons, something like a knife can be found in the town (needs a plot to that story) and if you have a stick, a spear can be made, thus increasing your range. Also, like fallout, random items, like glass bottles litter the wilderness - bottle plus hose used on an old car = bottle of gasoline

    bottle of gasoline +rag = Molotov

    Molotov+ fire (lighter i suppose) = good weapon for distance combat

    the mechanics will be, touch.. so move to position touch, pick up item on touch, search dead enemy (for items) on touch. So it can be made into a phone game easily.

    At this stage i don't need gun ideas (unless you can think of materials to create one!)

    i was hoping for a cut vines to progress, blow up rocks to progress, find chemist to convert plant (perhaps gaining the ability to do this in your inventory)

    i have menus made, that checks positions to add new items. And if a (conversations) script was developed, I'd look for voice actors ... no money in this till it reaches a Beta stage at the minimum

    hoping for the story to advance into a slum town, once you can open the main gate. and eventually lead you to the reason you were given amnesia

  • ok spamming for my achievements. if anyones interested, dungeon keeper gold and alien earth can be downloaded for free, i havn't got the link, but search on you tube.

  • oh dude not amnesia plz. so many damn games starts alike already :/

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  • i know, bad amnesia based games don't end up explaining things. great amnesia games(plots) have a massive twist after you think you learnt the truth.

    i was thinking something like cloud atlas, where humans are the food source. you are either a human rejected as bad meat, a human that was saved, but has no memory as there was nothing before. (ooh I like that, a cut scene with flashes of memory as you are pulled away and wires detached. might be a good starting point for instant wtf reaction to start with a sub agenda in your mind)

    honestly its an open topic for better suggestions. its something that can only really be done with a ton of resources.

    at the moment its just a few maps that need improving and a ton of random sprites. i'm working on a few other things.

    this idea would be my main task if it was planned out fully. (or the first level, any input increases my productivity)

    start: in water blurred vision

    2nd: water removed fall to ground. with perspective 1st person (just pictures)

    3: flash of red to signify pain, and glimps of tubes being removed

    4: glimps of being dragged

    5: noise / urgency, background blurred speech

    6:flash of a face telling you something

    7: doors close

    when awake, in a lift birds eye view, 0 clue, items to collect/ bandage yourself (a medical system introduced.. ooh like what you eat to heal! its made from people)

    then lift to overworld, others not sure on how they came to be, some born, some came from the lift. like fallout, and the vault to some extent

    maybe venting gas from the underground facility is what makes animals venomous. Maybe people are converted to energy, and Aliens harvest us beneath our own noses, this thing writes itself. i'll add more as i think it. if u think its sounding more interesting? seems a shame to make a comic, but i'm a good quick sketcher

  • Have you watched the show Haven on SyFy? Its based on Steven King's novella The Colorado Kid.

    This could be a good inspiration. Of course if you replace "Supernatural powers" with "Aliens in disguise", and it would be reminiscent of "They Live" plot. As well, the "memories may not be her own" could play into the amnesia part. Not mentioned here, but the citizens of Haven aren't allowed to leave town(unless cast out to die) to prevent the outside world of learning about the "troubles", and there is a generator that has to be kept running to keep away "the darkness".

    From Wikipedia:

    When FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker is dispatched to the small town of Haven, Maine, on a routine case, she soon finds herself increasingly involved in the return of "The Troubles", a plague of supernatural afflictions that have occurred in the town at least twice before. With an openness to the possibility of the paranormal, she also finds a more personal link in Haven that may lead her to the mother she has never known.

    Over time, Parker, who has quit the FBI to join the Haven Police Department, begins to realize that her arrival in Haven may have been pre-arranged and that her name and even her memories may not be her own. As the series progresses, she learns more about the mysteries of both Haven and her true identity.

    She and her partner, police detective Nathan Wuornos, find themselves frequently facing problems caused by both the effects of the Troubles, as well as the activities of town folk who take more drastic measures against those who are Troubled.

  • I haven't watched Haven. that is a nice Idea though. I wrote=drew a comic based on the first ideas, i shall add it soon #Germfire I love the added town reasoning

    gives a limeted search reasoning with a fog aspect like final fantasy crystal chronicals

  • so far, story is on the outside world there are shadow realm style areas that occur, where it is believed that once inside you are infected, inflicted with darkness. prone to fever, rage, aggression. you arrive in a village with little memories other than name and vague flashbacks to a facility via a lift.

    you learn the town possess a generator that they believe protects them (later learnt the pockets occur on time intervals more frequently in certain areas) but the world is slowly adding more, and more frequent pockets.

    once inside a pocket, there are creatures (darkness?) that try to keep you in the shadow realm.

    puzzle solving game to survive, and collect equipment/ build tools.

    ps. not read or watched Haven now on my list. Though I have alot of appreciation for ideas like the shining, Christine, and the one where they are at an airport and strange creatures are coming to attack them, everyone is frozen except a handful.

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