Are game develepors Poor?

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  • > If you like math go ingeneer, because you can use all that math for the games.

    > If you go doctor is going to steal all your time and dont have all that math / data base / etc the ingeneer have


    So I have decided from an early time that I want to be a computer engineer, so could then it possible to have time for making games as a hobby?

    Lots of good advice in this thread!

    Get a computer engineering degree and make your own games on the side, integrating them in your curriculum whenever possible (e.g. project classes). That's what I did as well when I was (much) younger!

    Once graduated, you will see which opportunities are most suitable and rewarding and choose accordingly. In any case, just a general life lesson from someone who is more than double your age: as long as you are a young fresh graduate (e.g. in your early/mid 20s) don't think about money. You can take risks. Focus on your passions and in building relevant skills. But once you get in your 30s and/or start planning for a family, you need to start being more practical and think about paychecks.

    In the meanwhile, once you became a good game programmer, you can definitely convert your skills to any other software related industry if the actual game dev route doesn't work out as hoped.

    All the best!

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