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  • Hi all -

    I've been dabbling with Construct off and on for months and have finally dedicated daily time to making my game a reality.

    I intend to release on mobile devices and have just finished figuring out and implementing save slots for my game, but now that I have the 'how' figured out, I need to know best practice.

    Given that I'm going to release on mobile, I need the game to be resumable when a player needs to exit. So, my question is "how often do you savegame?"

    How much is too much? It seems obvious to me that every tick is just silly. But what's common practice? system -> every 5 seconds -> Save game to slot? Or should I make it save on player action?

    Obviously I'm sure the answer isn't universal, I'm just looking for experiences and opinions.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Padraik,

    You could just try saving your game 'On end of layout' or some similar landmark trigger. That way the game will only save when the player exits your layout. And you won't bog down your project with unnecessary saves.

    It may also be worth considering adding a 'save game' button, to allow users the option of saving at particular points.

    Good luck :)

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