FPS Combat-System Innovation

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  • valdarko

    have you seen this?

    Cave Vehical Engine

    Its data realms attempt to make this game thought up by the guy who makes there art:



    as far as the megaman legends vibe idea. sadly the industry only likes rail shooters that are grim dark brown.

    and Capcom is run by idiots.

    so keep on dreaming

    • Gunsight View
    • Roll (forward,back,sideways)
    • Climbing (soldiers can climb everything up to their size, so fence is no problem[See Hidden and Dangerous 2])
    • Realistic Jump, come on, when did you see anybody jump during battle like in CS or Quake 3?
    • Limited weaponary, 1 pistol, 1 rifle, 1 knife, few nades not more.
    • Setting up heavy weapons, most powerful machinguns should require setting up, that would really give more satisfaction from killing with them.
    • Taking over vehicles like in Halos

    I cant think about more

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  • Bartosh

    yep, i have seen this site before, and Arne art, i hope they make this game, the engine is very good and fun to mess

    about megaman legends... is sad, i think crapcom is dead

    but is funny this thing about grim brown shooter, i agreed with you about the industry taste but, i know a shooter that is quite popular called

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    and it have bright colors and a cellshading visual style, a little bit like what they made with MML3 visual style direction.

  • valdarko

    S4 League looks cool, I'll have to give it a try. nice to know there are people out there who love video games making them.



    I think the jumping/climbing issue could all be tied into that actual intelligent body system.

    why even have jump? in the real world, how often do YOU jump? let alone with a 50 pound backpack on.

    It was a simple system implemented to give the floating camera a way to get around in a 3d world. However if you could move about organically by climbing and making small contextual leaps. you wouldn't need the system.

    I'm not that big into first person shooters. but since its been the main thing the industry has been making for the last 10 years, you think there would be more significant advances.

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