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  • So I've decided to try my hand at an android game, and while it isn't super far in development I have high hopes for it.

    I've run into a few problems, though

    (It's an endless runner, like a 2D temple run)

    I want my character and obstacles to have realistic movement when there is a collision. For example, if the character (an egg) runs into a loaf of bread, I would want the character to trip and the bread to get hit and roll or whatever. This way it would save me some animation time, like if you were to run into a pan I wouldn't have to animate it swinging back and forth but instead have it done for me.

    The only way I can think of making this possible is using the physics behavior, but after fiddling with it I haven't had much luck. If anyone could give me some suggestions I would be really grateful, and should the game ever be released, I will credit you in it.


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  • Oh and sorry if I posted in the wrong section

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