Creating games with no art ability. How'd you do it ?

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  • I have no artistic capabilities, so I posted ads on a bunch of artist and pixel art forums looking for an artist. I received many replies, and now I'm working with a very talented and professional pixel artist for revenue share!

    When posting, be sure to sound professional (well organized post, no spelling errors, no fluff, points are clear) and post a link to a playable alpha build with placeholder art so the artists can get an idea of what to expect.

    If you do get multiple replies to an ad, be sure to keep the connection open and save their contact information in case your current artist abandons the project (50% will).

    The same principles go for other departments as well (sound FX, music, etc.).

  • if I don't have any art capabilities.. yes, I'd look for an artist!

    You can even buy codes nowadays :/

  • I have been practicing and practicing my art and I can't do it, even trying Digital Tutors (very popular learning resource) I have accepted this and decided to work on my code skills and use it in other engines, even single pixel squares and shapes I manage to ruin the "look" and struggle to make anything look nice out of it. I have learned that it's actually ok to not have art ability and just look for someone else to team up with.

    I have no money to pay artists so my "visions" for now are on hold. I also have no ability to revenue share as I don't have a published game so I am starting "at the bottom" of the ladder and climbing slowly. I spoke to my brother who is ok at art but has an outstanding ability in 3D programs such as Maya and doing the textures so we are teaming up to create some 3D based games so my construct days for now are limited until we decide to work on a simple 2D project.

    I am a firm believer nothing is impossible, hard work beats untapped talent every time. But when it comes to art, I can improve but not enough.

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    this article may help, certainly gave me some ideas. Defining a strong style I think can really make up for short comings in ability to make pretty assets for a game. There are always short cuts, for instance I'm planning a game set in a middle ages battlefield, so I've decided to take my art assets from the bayeux tapestry. There can be copyright issue when copy pasting images to make game assets, helps when the artists have been dead for 900 years

    Just remember there are lots of great games out there that look ugly as hell. Pac-man is nothing more than a yellow circle with a wedge missing, dwarf fortress is made up of ASCII symbols and early 3D games were made out of clunky looking squares and triangles, that didn't stop Star Fox being fun to play.

  • if I don't have any art capabilities.. yes, I'd look for an artist!

    You can even buy codes nowadays :/

    aoi121 How do these two statements fit together?

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  • Ok so I have been reading about Vector art and decided to give it a go. It's near impossible for me to do so I think more reading is needed. (Pixel art is harder I would say).

    Here is my attempt at making a house to show you how bad I am when it comes to art... I was going to hire an artist but cost is a real problem.

    Yeah, it looks awkward. Best thing to do is too look in to it and find the elements you're good at and develop those in to your own style.

  • I read in a game design book that most devs either have the mind for coding or art. Two man jobs are not uncommon.

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