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  • Arima : the reason it can cause trouble further down the road is that everything is evaluated in a line, always -> variables have to be set in the right order and daehawk will need to put booleans in many places to check if the event can be run or not. When the event list will start growing, bugs are more likely to suddenly appear in the game, because of the lack of event hierarchisation. I've put it in an expeditive and ambiguous way, I guess. I should rephrase. daehawk -> the way your events are written, if all of your code is setup like that, may give you trouble debugging your game later in the development process. It's easier to track problems down if you have clear, separated code groups and functions called at specific moments into your code loop.

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  • Valerien Not everything is set up to where it's evaluated on every tick. Granted I could of added the section at the end that turns off that group, but was posting the information within a group targeting the code that I was having an issue with since had already narrowed down the issue. Yes I do have a few things that do call on every tick atm in a main section, but that's just group activity checking mainly turning some other things off at the moment. In Debug Layout atm highest I've gotten for CPU usage using popout mode for Inspect and Profile is 3-4% CPU Usage and that's on Layer Start up While going through the attacks and AI side peak has been 1% CPU Usage.

    Yes I am aware that on low end devices performance could become an issue. I do have a friend that has an IPad that I send her an uploaded version to test the touch controls if they are working as well. And have her tell me if she's having any lag issues with the touch. Since on my desktop and laptop I can only test the Gamepad, Mouse, and Keyboard controls. On a mobile device like a cellphone could be even bigger issue than the ipad.

    Things that I have added since last time I checked this post is the Enemy AI's turn. Current battle set up is a 6v6 for testing purposes. Left side is player controlled you can choose between Attack, Magic, or Special, After all player characters have gone the right side which is Enemy AI controlled will then go through their turns of "For Each(ordered) based on the Enemy.ID" and do their sequence of them choosing Attack, Magic, or Special then play the function for the one that the AI choose. After all the Enemies have had their turn the system turns off the enemies side and reactivates the player side starting with the first player and then goes back through their turn. Going back and forth this way.

    Debug Menu:


  • daehawk : ok that's great then. I wasn't concerned as much by your game's performance as by your code organisation actually. But yep, I shouldn't extrapolate too much from just a sample! Anyway, keep it up, I'm looking forward to seeing where you can push this project !

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