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  • I've got a great idea for a web based City/Village builder and I am in need of a Team to get it done.. I can code a website and that's about as far as that goes and my skills with Construct 2 are not beginner but not expert, I am somewhat new to it all.

    I would love it if anyone would be willing to help me out, keep in mind that the project would be my idea but built by you or the team. We will have InApp purchases and everything as well, but that comes when we are almost done with it all!!

    Let me know if you are interested and willing to do this with me and we'll get it all together and start..

  • I like your enthusiasm and vigor a city/village type of game would take a long time to make and you need someone with experience. But you need more information in your post to get people to respond. like

    1) whats your timeline?

    2) How will they get paid?

    3) Is this just for PC or mobile devices too?

    4) Do you have money to market the game and if so how much?

    Of course you can tell them PM me for more details but experienced developers need more information than what your giving. I wish you the best and if you need advice just ask.

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  • Have you planned out your ideas? have you made prototypes on paper? My suggestion is to be much more clear and/or detailed than just having an idea, everyone can have ideas.

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