Bored at Work... anyone need free Game Ideas?

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  • Wow Love that is some great ideas!

    I can definitely use a lot of that but I have one question before I go further.

    It seems like our two ideas of how the towers work are a bit different, mostly because I typed out my stuff quick at work and didn't give a lot of info.

    I have built the frame where a "level" would be a song I have created outside of the game with my music DAW. Then based on the song/level the towers that are available are the different instruments in that designated song and they would shoot according to when it plays in the song. So then you would have to know when the break down of the song is to make sure you have the right towers in place for it, etc.

    Yours sounds much more like the towers are making the sounds for the level and therefore maybe the player is affecting how the sounds play together? I had somewhat of that idea in the beginning but was worried people could put together a bad grouping and it just sound like a muddled mess and people wouldnt like it. What do you think?

    I LOVE the idea for the enemies and I will definitely have to try and see how to add a system like that. Thanks Love and look forward to hearing some more!

  • Sounds kind of rigid... More a game of memorization rather than strategy. Closer to guitar hero/rock band/blah blah, these companies aren't making these games anymore for a reason. I wouldn't place "making the songs sound the way you designed them" over "allowing players to play the game" if I were in your shoes. The aforementioned titles had the benefit of licensed, well known tunes that people are familiar with, giving the anticipatory benefit to those trying to memorize the movements of the songs... Unless you're ready to tell me you are Dr Dre, i wouldn't count on people being able to know on a first or fifth play through to guess "what YOU meant for them to interpret here."

    Sometimes a player's own musical tastes must be addressed, even if all the want is a rambunctious marathon of piano chords... Challenges open up in that regard as they realize that some enemies are immune to their expensive corridors of guitar towers and the like... The enemy WAVES dictate what towers make the most sense. The auxiliary towers are there "just in case" instrument towers are placed ineffectively.

    Just more opinion, you will do as you please. :-)

  • Yes I agree with it being pretty rigid the way I was heading with it. It definitely seems like games that are getting a good following are the ones where the players get to have more of a say on how it plays/sounds, etc.

    I guess the way I program it can help with stopping people from making the song muddied up with kicks playing at a different tempo and sounding like a stampede of horses.

    Just changing my towers to play sounds when placed has made it a bit more interesting (although I still have difficulty with interacting with specific instances of a sprite, but whatever).

    I still really like the idea of the enemies being specific to instruments/sounds but the difficulty is making it a little more obvious of what you should use without having a bunch of text explaining them. I think the combination of the bright colors and specific enemies could work by having kicks being a bright red and the bullets they shoot are also red so the enemies that are the same color would be the ones you want to use the kick sounds against (or maybe using the inverse color of the tower?)

    Its funny you mentioned Rez because I really like that game and the style it had. I definitely had the style of Rez in mind along with Tron when thinking about the color scheme/look of the game. I really like how simple but elegant Geometry Wars/Geometry Wars 2 looked (especially the warping of the background after bombs) and sort of tried to mimic it a bit but I'm waiting on a friend to make me some decent sprites.

    I had actually came across the music TD game you mentioned after I initially came up with this idea. I tried it out and was really unimpressed with the looks and the gameplay of it like you mentioned. I was happy to see that was the most popular attempt at it because it was very far from what I wanted to accomplish.

    Again thanks for all the ideas and suggestions! If you have anything else that randomly comes to mind definitely let me know, and when I finish this I will definitely make sure you get credit for helping with ideas :)

  • Study that color theory! I think it's a good idea to have "color matching" between towers and enemies... But I think for simply looking pretty, and as a nod to Ikaruga, enemies of the same color tower would be resistant to that tower, and enemies opposite of the tower color should be especially vulnerable. You just decide what bad guys should be what color and you're off...

  • Yo, DJ and anyone else who's asked for help: Are you guys actively working on these projects? Any shot at getting some links to images of your WIP? Always curious to check out progress, and I'm sure the community at large would like to check it out too :)

  • Hey Lovelocke,

    Yes I am still actively working on it but I have gone back and forth ALOT on the mechanics so it's note really pieced together after the big change I did a couple days ago.

    Basically I decided to go with the "give the player a lot of freedom" for my TD music game. At first I went with ok, place instrument turrets and they play sounds every designated amount of seconds and enemies come through, you upgrade the towers to make them more powerful or bigger range but it still felt sort of stale.

    As a producer/dj I had all these music tools sitting right next to me and I realized I should try and use those as some inspiration. I have an awesome Launchpad( and thought hey, I wanted people to be able to make some sort of music why not give them a pseudo launchpad where it is easy to layout the instruments as if you were making a beat and put some tower defense stuff inside that. So I'm going for more of a look of that launchpad where pushing a button lights it with the color instrument and they will shoot out a "wave" when the timing hits the column of notes of that particular bar.

    So really right now I am making the pad functionality and the waves coming from the buttons, once that works pretty well I'm going for the enemies and some sort of pathing between the "buttons/towers".

    I will for sure post a link to a demo/screenshots as soon as I atleast have the pad created. Thanks for all the great ideas, they helped immensely and I'm always open for more if you think of anything else cool for it :)


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  • hi lovelocke,

    can i have a game idea for a puzzle game preferably around physics and not too complicated. if i like the idea and i think i have the ability to effectively implement it, i'll definitely create it and give you updates on my progress.

  • Im making a physics bike game,

    and I got to say after coding all the gameplay, designing sprites, acquiring & editing sounds it leaves my brain a bit drained,

    Its always nice to have a fresh mind & eyes to have a look and to give tips and advice on how to do the final but hardest hurdle, 'gameplay'

  • Hey, I'd love a few ideas, I want a shooter game, RPG but I have no idea what else to put in, or what the goal is etc

    And help please?


  • I have a very basic game idea someone is welcome to, would work great for touch devices.

    Top-down View of streets with traffic lights at every intersection and a parking garage. The cars all move at the same speed and the player must tap the traffic lights to direct the flow of cars and get them all into the parking garage.

    The streets are all single lane streets, but not one way.

    The traffic lights have four modes: Stop, Go, Left Turn, Right Turn

    Additional mechanic concepts:

    -The player may tap and hold on a traffic light and select a traffic cop to clear traffic jams automatically. Maybe only three traffic cops per scenario.

    -Difficulty can be increased by changing the cars speed limit, by making the cars pass a check point before going to the parking garage or reducing the number of entrances into the parking garage.

    Hope someone finds this useful.

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