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  • 'Ello dere.

    I'm working on a still nameless beat-em-up inspired from cheesy and over-the-top things ranging from the classic japanese cartoon Hokuto No Ken, Bruce Lee's stuff, Street Fighter series and even Max Max. It's based in a dystopian future where countries have fallen in ruin and the world is run by gangs and controlled with fear. Player takes control of a mysterious martial arts master whose motives are first kept a secret. As player advances, the story is revealed piece by piece. Still the story is not my main aim, but giving players a fast-paced, difficult and extremely over-the-top and brutal experience in spirit of classic arcade beat-em-up games.

    So far I've planned to keep the game difficult yet balanced and fair. Player must focus on quickly dropping and easily regenerated stamina bar that's used for basically anything except the main "mash push button to combo"-action. I've thought about giving player a chance to choose about three special skills in the beginning of every level. They range from stamina and even health draining strikes that pierce the entire battlefield to passive powers that keep you stronger or health regenerating meditative skills.

    Now before I truly start working on the gameplay and technical stuff, I'd like to hear your ideas or wishes what you'd like to see in the game. Keep in mind that I'm working on Scirra 2, so browser games can't have just anything because I want the game to work smoothly on all kinds of systems.

    I'm also a 3D-artist and a self-taught animator so all the graphics will be pre-rendered with stylized looks. If this catches enough attention, I might start posting some of my graphics here. Oh, and while I'm at it, check out my deviantart:

    Thanks for reading my post and reply if you got anything. Remember that the more over-the-top yet gameplay-wise balanced your idea is, the better. Go wild! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    (Oh, and sorry for some typos and grammar errors. I'm from Finland.)

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