Art Style Feedback Request (Updated 4/20/2014)

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  • Or maybe lunch XD,

    At home now, and have a another draft. Here's a quick before/after on 3 with more edge and line definition and toning,





  • I tried out the finer lines on a offset blurred background, and rather liked it

    quick mach up, but I put some new links on the first page to a few more assets, the first area (scene) of the game, and a couple of quick animations to go with it.

    It's a bit of middle ground between style 1 and 3, and looked a little funny on a similar background. Changing the background a little seemed to offset it a lot better (although I didn't spent a heap of time on this, plenty of room for improvements I'm sure)

  • Had a couple of week's to play around, and figured out I could post direct images finally . New pic's up. They need some alpha cleaning for sure. Hopefully it's a middle ground between the options. Thanks for all the feedback so far, it's been a lot of fun working on it so far.

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  • Looking good. Have you considered producing some "packs" for sale ?

  • Thanks Rampack,

    Ironic that you mention the "packs", kickstarter and a wise way to start it, was on my mind last night. I was debating going the kickstarter/greenlight route, with this new Earthbound/Mother project. I've never tried them before, but it did cross my mind last night that it may be a good idea to do some asset/music packs, to maybe get my feet wet and see how it works. I see a lot of those project's having trouble gaining a following/funding without first advertising.

    I'm not sure what the best route would be; either doing a kickstarter for the packs, then releasing them for free for use in commercial/private games, or just charging a bit and doing plug and play matching packs for music and assets. I thought it might be a neat idea, to do a kickstarter on the project, and if successful, maybe give all the asset's away used in it, to the community for private/commercial usage. Great idea though, it seem's like a fun way to get some following for the project, experience with the programs, and help out the dev community. Unfortunately it's all new to me, so I'm not sure of the wisest path yet, but definitely a cool idea.

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