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  • Hi. I've just downloaded and tried out Construct 2, finished the tutorial and wanted to try out the programs methods of distribution. I've noticed you cannot create a standalone executable without buying Construct 2 first, which is fair enough... But I've also read that the original Construct Classic is supposedly aimed more for Windows Executables and Construct 2 is more for web publishing. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Construct Classic's method of windows standalone executables and Construct 2's? I'm not really interested in publishing a game on the web, more for standalones, so basicly I'm asking if Construct 2 is right for me. Especially if Construct 2's method of creating windows executables isn't as solid as Construct Classic's... which I understand was designed more for executables. Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions.

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  • Construct Classic is effectively dead, with no development being done for many years. It is DirectX 9 based, and has many quirks and bugs that can easily destroy your work.

    Having said that, it is still used by people because it is free.

    C2 is in constant development and it's range of exporters, are extensive. It's executable exporter - whilst being a wrapper - is still comparable to CC in many benchmarks.

  • C2 exports a version of your game wrapped in a version of chromium all packaged up in to an exe file for you.

    It functions and feels just like a native windows app.

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