You should upgrade to Apache Cordova 3.5.1 or higher??

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  • Anyone knows if CocoonJS will update to the new Apache Cordova 3.5.1?

    Im getting the same message! - i hope they will keep our apps/games alive!

    • i dont want to loose our positions and earnings.
  • Check the Intel XDK experiences thread. IntelRobert answered this question today or yesterday

  • Hello,

    Anyone knows if CocoonJS will update to the new Apache Cordova 3.5.1?

    We are currently working on the fix. We will publish it as soon it is ready.


  • Thanks Ludei, that sounds really great, all our apps is made with CocoonJS. And we have plans for many more in the future!

    Please make it top priority!

  • Hello again,

    The fix is ready and updated .


  • Thanks Ludei, that was fast!

    Is there anything we need to do, apart from rebuilding the apps in your online compiler?

  • Im not sure how i should update my apps?

    is it done automatically through CocoonJS online compiler?

    Or do i need to run some commands somewhere?!

    • or is it Scirra, that needs to update the exporter for CocoonJS?

    Please anyone?!

  • Oh, nevermind.. It was an old app on the store.. So i think im safe for now

  • So re-exporting with Intel XDK would fix the issue now?

  • i think only ludei fixed it by now, intel didnt yet

  • Hello,

    Im not sure how i should update my apps?

    Just recompile your project and the fix will be included automatically in the new compilation .


  • sorry i was wrong, intel also fixed it a couple of days ago

    change the cordova cli version to 3.5 and it will use 3.5.1, if you get error when building, change orientation to default

  • I'm still unclear if it works or not. Can someone confirm if we can build and upload to Android store?

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  • sorry if this wasnt clear but yes you can and it works

    i just updated my games on the playstore

    just go to "Build Settings"->"Cordova CLI Version" and change it to 3.5

    if the building process doesnt work, also change "orientation" to default, in my case that worked, i did read somewhere that this is an bug in cordova 3.5.1

  • Oh so it doesn't work with intel XDK yet, right?

    Well, that option is not available on Crosswalk anyways...

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