How do I recieve my own alpha version of my app?

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  • Do I need to do something or am I, by default, already listed as a tester?

  • I thought you said you didn't upload an alpha version?

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  • I thought you said you didn't upload an alpha version?

    Yes, this is another version with leaderboard and achievements (phonegapgame plugin +gloogle play game service)that i'm tryng to test.

    I'm lost right now. It's says that everything is published. The production version and the alpha version, but my game doesn't appear in playstore search and I don't know how to update my game on my phone with the alpha version. I though it would be automatic since I'm the owner and probably listed as a tester.

    Also I'm very worried about the time it is taking to really publish my game. I've published my game 2 days ago and still doesn't appear in the playstore.

  • you don't receive a alpha version, alpha version is the status of the files you uploaded, to googleplay while the testers(staff) from google test it, after they test it there will no more need of an alpha test, and the game will be published, on google play takes around 2-24 hrs. on phonegap maybe more.

  • You can take the APK you built and directly install it on your phone. If you uploaded to production, then just wait and it will appear.

  • Well, I'm waiting . I'll test it directly so. But still worried because my first app (in production, not the alpha one) didn't appear in the playstore yet and it has been 3 days since I sent it.

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