"Has product" and "On purchase product" actions not working

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  • Hello, SamRock !

    Thank you for reply!

    "PurchaseProduct" working fine. It triggers dialog box and offers me to make a purchase or says that it has already made.

    I test through Adhoc and sandbox.

    Part of the product has the status approved and other part - "Ready for Submission". For all this products action "PurchaseProduct" works ok.

    In finantional section all ok.

  • SparklingAir Thats strange!

    I am now worried now how my IAPs are doing! I dont have a device to test. May be you can try it once

    BTW, when testing in Sandbox are you using a different user ID or your Apple dev user id (in which case also I doubt IAP will work)?

    I cant think of anything right now! I hope the products are spelt right in your events , other than that everything looks in order. If possible post a screenshot of your iAP code

    EDIT: Saw your code, and it says "on Restore Purchase", shouldn't it be "On Product Purchase"?

    "Restore" is used only when you have reinstalled the game and want to restore past consumable purchases. Apple requires this to be a button in the IAP screen.

  • Hello!

    Apparently, the problem is in the plugin.

    I am in correspondence with the author of the plugin, and his refined example also not working.

    He made some changes and updated GiHub, but they did not help. He continues to understand with the matter.

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  • SparklingAir



    This issue was because of xdk cordova version update compatibility with cordova iap plugin.

    But fixed this.

    Build again and test it.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Sang Ki Kwon

  • Thank you very mach! It works! ))

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