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  • Hi there, i have a problem in uploading my app to the play store.

    I always get this notice...

    Upload failed

    Your APK cannot be analysed using aapt. Error output:

    Failed to run aapt dump badging:

    W/ResourceType(813273): Bad resource table: header size 0x0 or total size 0x1a is not on an integer boundary

    ERROR: dump failed because the resource table is invalid/corrupt.

    PS: i do my apk using intel xdk and sign using the apk - signer (1.8.5 )

    Did any of you guys experience this before ? and know how to solve this.......... any reply would be great and thank you in advanced...

    ps: i did googling and forum search in scirra.... seem like no good answer yet.

  • The problem may be in that you use the 7Zip application to pack the zip package, the right solution is use the ZipAlign tool under sdk/tools/ to pack it. Or you zipping the FOLDER, rather than zipping the CONTENTS of the folder.

    Another way to say that is that you created the Archive one directory too high in the path.

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  • Thank you for reply.....

    i do my zipping ( apk file ) using intel this mean i have to use other tool ( zipalign )to make an apk file

  • i have found the answer........

    Just in case other newbies have the same problem as i am...

    just do the following

    Inside Intel SDK ... after you add your app... goto build setting under CORDOVA HYBRYB MOBILE APP

    untick the signed button

    that all !!!................ hahahhaa.... after you build you apk using intel sdk.... follow this tutorial publishing-to-android-via-intelxdk-and-appsigner

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