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  • It is such a breathtaking task to create your own world full of amazing stories and adventures. We are a very small team from a very small country. Luckily enough these facts never decrease our desire to move forward and learn. We've been working on our first game Max Stern in pretty much all our spare time for about a year and half. It is finally ready and we're in the process of spreading the news that Max Stern is here.

    Max Stern

    Max Stern is a story-driven platformer with an intricate plot. The game has all the attributes of the action/adventure genre. However, namely the story is probably something that makes this platformer special.

    The plot is basically centered on the adventures of Max Stern, a die-hard smuggler, who tries to save his life and find out the destiny of some Spanish colonists, involved in an alien experiment.

    Playing the game, you explore a mysterious tropical island, gather together all the parts of the Spanish chronicle, solve puzzles and, finally, yes… you grind the armed skeletons on your way into dust.

    To find out more you may

    Visit our Facebook page

    Watch our trailer

    Play the demo version

    Vote for it on Steam Greenlight!

    Thanks for your time! We hope we've made you interested! Please ask us anything or make any comments on the game you want; this game is very dear to our team, so we are very attentive to everything you may say about it!

  • Looks good ! Good luck getting it on Steam

  • Thank You.

  • This really looks like something special. The art is fantastic! Best of luck to you and your team!

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  • It's great to see that your game got Greenlit!

  • Thanks.

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