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  • Hey there,

    A bit ago I completed and released my first commercially-released game, Dave-Man. My goal was just that: to finish and release a game. No dreams of riches and fame.

    Finishing a game is hard work. Releasing a game also takes work (a lot more goes into it than meets the eye, trust me). So with all that hard work I was crunching all the time and didn't spend much time promoting my game.

    After the release, a bit of rest time, and making some updates I found a bit more time on my hands. Sales had also leveled off (meaning zero sales a day unless it was promoted in some manner). So just releasing this first game was a learning process I'd figure I'd go through different marketing and promotion aspects to learn as well. Better late than never!

    Since sales were stagnant I'm hoping to do one tactic at a time to easily track the results.

    Note, which I will state in the blogs as well, please take the results with a grain of salt. This was my first game and being so retro and 1bit there is not great curb appeal. A more desirable product should yield better results.

    The promoting I did first was simply a 9 day campaign on social media. I posted 3-5 times a day and posted to 9 different social media platforms. All organic, not paid, and I tracked the results, both traffic to store pages and sales.

    Now, this wasn't the first time posting about my game on social media and the time period is very short. But the analysis was still interesting to me and gave me things to think about. I do provide a lot of thoughts and draw conclusions in the article but my goal was to give you the raw data to take a look at.

    The first post is up on my blog:

    Analysis of Promoting my Indie Game on Social Media

    I am just providing a link to it, instead of posting it all or even summarizing it here, as it is a very long, in-depth article. I also plan to post future articles here as well so I figure it would be good to keep it a clean thread to browse through.

    Feel free to ask me any questions, link to similar articles on indie game marketing, or give any of your own thoughts or responses.

    Lou Bagel Out!

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